Bible Kalolsavam 2020 Rules and Regulations

Syro Malabar Catholic Community Zürich Biblekalolsavam 2020

Saturday 25th. Jan. 2020 at 9 am.


Rules and Regulations Pencil Drawing

● Duration: 30 minutes.

● Theme will be published two weeks before competition.

● Paper pencils, erasers will be provided.

Pencil sharpeners should be brought by participants.

Criteria to judge the performance of the participants:

● Content relevancy of the drawing to the given theme

● Elements of drawing

● Beauty of art

● Detailing & expression of individuality / creativity

● Christian message content

● Time limit

Bible Reading

German, Malayalam and English

● Duration: 2 min. Bell on time.

● The reading should be directly from the Bible.

(English- The New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition,

Malayalam, POC Bible)

• Each of the contestants get only one Passage.

Criteria to judge the performance of the participants:

● Beginning:

Example 1: Liebe Brüder und Schwestern, Lesung aus dem Buch Markus Kapital 1, Satz 1 bis 8…

● Ends with a meaningful silence, then the Bible is closed respectfully. There is no need to say „The word of the Lord“.

● Clarity, proper word usage and pronunciation.

● Tone quality, appropriate voice modulation, meaningful emphasis

and eye contact with audience

● Posture, confidence, personal style and flavor of reading.

Bible quiz

● One Team consist of 2 participants

● All questions will be asked in Malayalam, English and German

● There will be 5-6 rounds

● Duration: 30 minutes

Devotional song without Karaoke

● Duration: 5 minutes.

● If the song continues 30 seconds after the extra time limit, a bell

will ring to inform the disqualification of the participant. Participant

may continue and finish the item.

● Only devotional songs will be allowed.

● Karaoke will not be allowed.

Criteria to judge the performance of the participants:

● Christian message content

● Voice quality

● Choice of music, pitch accuracy, rhythm

● Balance & blend, degree of difficulty, memorization

● Style, phrasing, tempo, dynamics and emotional involvement

● Appropriate appearance, posture, general conduct, facial


Group Dance

● Duration: Maximum 8 minutes

● Group size: Minimum 3 and maximum 8 participants

Criteria to judge the performance of the participants:

● Dance style & choreography

● Christian Message Content & presentation of theme

● Choice of music

● Costumes & Synchronization


maximum 8 participants

● It should be based on a Biblical theme

Criteria to judge the performance of the participants:

● Originality, creativity and innovative, clarity, Power of message.

● Quality of Idea

● Theme

● Performance

● Presentation

● Conclusion

Fancy dress

• Only SOLO performance is allowed.

• Background music and commentaries are not permitted.

• Participants are allowed to express / explain their character by


• It should be based on Christian value

• Maximum 2 Minutes

● Duration: 10 minutes. All age groups can participate

● Group Size: Minimum of 3 and

● Participants can either deliver the dialogue live on stage or pre-

recorded dialogues can be played

Criteria to judge the performance of the participants:

• Costume

• Originality

• Christian message content

• Make up

• Expression & stage presence

• Quality of idea & presentation

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